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We've been smoking delicious BBQ since 1989

EST. 2013

Desperado BBQ became a corporation in 2013 in order to sell our award winning sauces and rubs.

Cooking Styles

We specialize in real bbq smoking. Whether it be KCBS bbq competition style or just your bbq backyard style.

Food Quality

When it comes to our bbq foods, we only use the best quality. It might be a more expensive but you deserve it.

General Store

*Award Winning*
Desperado Barbecue'n Sauces will be available in
58 Whole Foods Southern Pacific Region stores in May.

*Southern California
*Southern Nevada

The Perfect 180 Brisket

Paula Deen called me and ask if I could video cooking a perfect brisket

Our phone call conversation. Starts at 10:10

TV Commercial I just did that will be showing on BBQ Pit Wars

FarmerBoy's TV Commercial that
is now showing on your local TV stations

SPECIAL-$175 for a limited time
Would you like to learn to BBQ like a DESPERADO Pitmaster and who is also a Certified KCBS BBQ Judge?

In my BBQ 101 class I want to help you bbq better in your backyard for you and your family and also help you if your thinking about competing a amateur bbq competition. Yes, it's a struggle for every new bbq pitmaster to guess and wonder if they are doing it right. We had a total of 5 calls throughout 2014 and 2 calls for 2015. For 2016 I'll be working on my award winning bbq sauces which will be sold in 58 Whole Foods stores in the Southern Pacific region around May 1st.

Desperado won the coveted KCBS Perfect 180 score in Brisket in a three way tie for first place on May 28th, 2015, competing against legendary bbq pro's Harry Soo, Myron Mixon and Moe Cason. I want to prepare you to be successful in bbq in the backyard with my BBQ 101 class.

Emails and Posts from our Desperado Facebook page from our newest Desperado Posse members who graduated from the pitmaster class:
"Wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the class. I know we are probably not your "standard" participant but we had a blast and learned some stuff."
Hi Steve,
"I just wanted to say thank you in behalf of my friend and myself for the great class today! We had a lot of fun, learned a lot and will bring Desperado Style BBQ to Germany"
Hi Steve,
I learned so much! Thank you for a great day. So much fun. It goes without saying that the food was "to die for" good!
Steve you're a genius! Thank you for sharing your love of BBQ! Was a fun day and a great group of people.
Classes located in Anaheim, Calif.
Each class is limited to 10 people as this is a hands-on class.

*SPECIAL-The cost of each class is $175 per student.
Class runs from 7:30 am - 3:30 pm (see below for class details)
Contact us here to get on the sign-up sheet if no class dates are present- contact us here

*Some of the pro bbq legends I have competed with in bbq competition*

Stretch Rumaner

Harry Soo & Johnny Trigg

Moe Cason

Myron Mixon

2016 Dates Location Availability
January 16th Anaheim, CA Full
January 30th Anaheim, CA (Full) Private BBQ Class
March 12th Anaheim, CA Full
April 30th Anaheim, CA Full
May 21st Anaheim, CA Full
June 11th Anaheim, CA Full
July 9th Anaheim, CA Limited to 6 now 3 seats left
Filling up fast so get your seat while you can!

August 20th Anaheim, CA Limited to 6 people

September Anaheim, CA Desperado will be in Australia with Harry Soo of Slap Yo' Daddy bbq team teaching bbq.

October Anaheim, CA Pending
November Anaheim, CA Pending
December Anaheim, CA Pending

Learning how to bbq like a DESPERADO

There are many choices of barbecue classes in America and many good instructors. So how do you choose? If you're looking for a professional bbq instructor who loves to teach you don't need to look further.

KCBS bbq professional Pitmaster Steve Botkin can take you from a backyarder to a pitmaster in seven and a half-hours in his barbecue class whether you're a chef, beginner competitor, caterer, or a regular backyard cook.

BBQ Class Description

This class is geared towards applying bbq 101 and competition-style BBQ techniques to your backyard cooking including food safety, wood pairing, meat selection, trimming, recipe injections, rubs, sprays, sauces, temperature control, bark formation, foiling meats, and determining doneness (Happy). The class will use our award winning DESPERADO smokers and focus on wood selection and fire control.

In this seven and half-hour class, you will work next to with Steve learning how to smoke, and prepare the different types of meats and sides. Rubs are all prepared from regular supermarket ingredients. Class includes morning coffee and rolls, all you can eat BBQ lunch of chicken, St. Louis style Spareribs, Rib Tips, Tri-Tip, Pork Butt, Beef Brisket and Carolina Coleslaw.

Each student will take home a DESPERADO BBQ Pitmaster manual, and certificate of completion of DESPERADO's BBQ Pitmaster Class and become a official member of the Desperado Posse.

Discussion / Demonstration / Hands-On
  • Food safety
  • How to light a fire correctly
  • Wood Pairing
  • How to prepare Chicken, Ribs, Rib Tips, Pork Butt, Tri-Tip, Brisket
  • How to prepare injections
  • Detailed instructions on preparations and cooking methods
  • Equipment and Accessories
  • Overview of BBQ contests and judging
  • Cooking Brisket and Pork Butt with the best selection - cooking hot and fast or low and slow
  • Cooking St. Louis Ribs from a Spare Rib which includes trimming and making Rib Tips
  • Cooking backyard Spatchcocked Chicken
  • Cooking backyard Tri-Tip
  • Making homemade Carolina Coleslaw
  • Answering your grilling and BBQ problems and questions
  • Conclusion
  • Class Cost

    Each class is limited in size as this is a hands-on class with the pitmaster. The cost of each class is $175 per bbq student. Desperado reserves the right to change and cancel classes due to unfilled classes or a full refund if we cannot place you in a class.

    NO VIDEO RECORDING OF THIS CLASS BY STUDENTS IS ALLOWED, STRICTLY PROHIBITED! NOTES AND PICTURES CAN BE TAKEN AND IS ALLOWED. There are NO refunds if we are not notified 1 week prior to class you cannot attend.

    .....I will send out the class information on the Monday before class....

    If you need any information - contact us here

    Desperado Food Consulting

    There is no sincerer love than the love of bbq!

    Desperado Food Consulting Services

    You have a bbq sauce or rub recipe that you feel needs to be in the marketplace? Desperado’s primary function is providing newcomers to the commercial food manufacturing business. This is the place to get you started. With our expert knowledge and services we are here to help you confidently start your new food business with 100% FDA compliance. We will assist you with the required resources necessary to manufacture your bbq sauce or rub recipe product without investing large sums in equipment and staff. So before you think you can do this on your own, all it takes is one mistake that can not only set you back months but costing you thousands of dollars. Let our manufacturing process experience guide you correctly from start to finish. You'll be glad you did!

    * 1 Free Hour Personal Consultation

    Desperado's consulting project plan services:

  • Individual Personal Consulting
  • Product Name and Protecting It
  • Manufacturer's Recipe (percentage formula)
  • Food Technologist
  • FDA Approved Food Manufacturer
  • Manufacture Test Batch Cost Quote
  • pH & Brix Testing
  • Sodium Testing
  • Gluten Free Testing
  • FDA S Letter
  • FDA Compliant Labeling
  • GS1 Bar Code
  • Nutritional Facts Statements
  • Ingredient Statements
  • Weights & Measures Statements
  • Label Designing
  • Product Brochure
  • Bottle Designs
  • New Product Test Batches
  • Shelf Life Statements
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Business Licenses
  • Once the process is completed, you may begin presenting your food product(s) to retailers, wholesalers, distributors and even sell direct via the internet like Amazon. While people pursue the food service market, selling their food products in bulk to restaurants, caterers, cafeterias, stadiums and even to other food manufacturers. Few food consulting firms are run by people who have actually owned a bbq sauce and spice line businesses. Our experience in this field is broad and covers everything for bbq products. Our Desperado bbq products are sold in Whole Foods and other fine markets.

    • BBQ Sauces
    • Rubs and Seasonings

    Contact us here: (click here)
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